Zooming Through the Semester

After multiple Zoom meetings this morning, the progress of this class and our project continues and seems more clear. First we met with Angie Kemp today and got a more in depth tutorial in how to work with Omeka. This was extremely helpful to me and making our website seems a bit easier with this knowledge. Angie has sent us some of the files we scanned already so the plan is to begin working on the site next week. Our group is going to meet on Tuesday at class time to figure out the exact logistics of uploading. In the meantime we are going to finish the individual features we were working on (storymap and timeline) and I also will be thinking about some of the logistics our group needs to talk about in order to have a working plan when we meet on Tuesday. Next week we will get into the nitty gritty of our project which is exciting and not as daunting anymore!

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