Week 5 Update

Today in class one of my group mates said “I don’t know what I don’t know” and I really think that sums up how I feel about this project sometimes. Creating our group contract has made the structure of our project a little more clear but I think sometimes it’s hard for me to do work before we start the actual website because I don’t know yet exactly how it will look, work, what features we will really want, or what problems we will encounter. As we discussed accessibility options today the PowerPoint with tools on how to make our website more accessible was really helpful in making more clear the things that we “don’t know we don’t know”.

We had some content based “problems” today. It was unclear if the rank of our subject was Corporal or Sargent. We searched around a little and at this point we are pretty sure he was promoted in rank. But after doing all this digital work and working through digital problems and solutions it was kind of fun to encounter something that was more content and history based which felt more familiar.

One random but cool thing that happened to me this week regarding this class was that I had a phone interview for a postgrad internship that I really hope I get. One of the questions the interviewer asked me was to talk about a time recently that I’ve had to learn a new technology. Immediately I responded that I was in a Digital History class and am learning new technologies all the time that I have never previously encountered. The interviewer seemed most excited about my answer to this question and even connected with me saying that he had previously worked on an archival project. This moment just made me feel really good about my interview.

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