Review of Omeka Site

I took a look at the Histories of the National Mall website. My first impression was that this site is very user friendly in appearances as well as usage. The site at face value does not look very busy which is nice. After exploring the site I saw that there was quite a bit of information on the site that was broken up in different ways. I’m going to talk about each page in order from most liked/most beneficial to my group’s project to least liked or beneficial.

Tools like the map could be beneficial to my group’s project on the civil war letters. This is probably my favorite feature on the site because it organizes a ton of information in a very visual pleasing and not overwhelming way.

A timeline with information similar to the one on the events page would be beneficial for either context about Jerome Pierce’s timeline or for the letters specifically. I liked this page and it is definitely something that stood out to me as something I think we should do in our group.

A people page might also be something to consider for our project to help provide context for the letters we are creating a digital space for. Especially since we have pictures that we can use similar to the icons that the National Mall site used.

The exploration page was interesting but probably my least favorite especially in terms of my own project. I like the idea of providing answers to questions that readers might ask. Again this page looks very user friendly and not busy but it does feel a little bit unorganized to me. There is just so much information here and the questions do not seem to lead the reader in any direct path or if the reader had a question they might not be able to easily sort out if the question is answered or where. I don’t think we will use a feature like this.

Overall I like how user friendly the site is and how it was able to display lots of information in many different but useful ways. It has given me a few ideas on things I think our group should do for our site.

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