Review of More Digital History Projects

I looked at the mapping the republic letters because my group’s project is on letters and I thought I could either learn what to do or what not to do. The image on the front page is not even readable I wish that it was interactive. I liked the organization of the case studies pages and how you could filter through to look for what you want to know.

On the memorable days site I like that they have the transcript and virtual diary as well as the actual page of the diary on each page. I also like that you can search tags at the bottom so information is all easily searchable and accessible.

The Wilson Center Digital archive seemed to be a little more confusing as I guess it is just a general digital archive of information. It is not a very appealing looking site but the filters and the ability to search through things up top are very beneficial to this website I liked that feature. I feel like you would use this research to collect information and sources but not learn much from this website directly.

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