My Digital Portfolio

My Digital Portfolio can be found at, which is this website that houses the blog for this class. This website provides a professional collection of digital work that I have produced or shared online. The work I have done is presented in a manner that I would share with employers. The content is up to par as well as I have shared only information that is professional and essential about me.

The About page is the home page that contains a small bio about me and also offers more information to my professional history and professional interests through a link to my LinkedIn page. This stand in as my resume and provides contact information for potential employers.

The Class Work pages are pages that feature the work of various classes that have required a digital platform to share work. The majority of these classes have been History Classes, which is my major, but one of my minor classes can be found here as well. Here, interested audiences can find samples of my academic work.

The Creative Work page is a more personal collection of work that I have created in my free time at UMW for fun. This collection of work is important for me to share because I am interested in pursuing dance related jobs part time in the future, as well as it shows other potential employers other activities that I am interested in and other products that I have made.

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