Moving Classes Online Update

Though this is a digital oriented class, as we moved forward with this semester online, this has brought interesting challenges to working on our project. Our main issue thus far is that we will not be able to finish the scanning of the letter collection. We had around 80 or so scans left which is disappointment that we won’t be able to complete this for the NPS and now we’ll have to change the plans of our project. In terms of our project regarding these changes we now have to wait for Angie Kemp to send us the files that we have scanned and depending on what files we get (if she sends us the whole collection or not) this may change how we organize certain aspects of our website. We also have plans to talk with Angie tomorrow over a Zoom conference to get help with Omeka because this is something that we planned on doing prior to the closure of school. Our group is keeping all of our contact with each other on Slack and I believe we are going class by class about deciding to meet on Zoom. We are continuing the work we have been doing on some of the features on our site such as the map and timeline. Tomorrow we should know more about the future prospects of this project and will be able to accurately update our group contract.

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