Group Update 4/2/2020

Since our last update we have begun to upload the letter collection to our website. Last week, our group finalized a list of instructions on the exact details on how to upload the letters. We got feedback from Dr. McClurken as well as Angie Kemp and now have clear details on how to keep our project consistent between the four of us. We have a lot of work to still do in terms of uploading and today we assigned the rest of the letters so that the whole collection can be uploaded. For the letters we were unable to scan we’re going to use the scans that the National Park Service originally sent to us. We ran into some issues of missing scans, but after emailing Angie they seem to have been recovered. As a group we will check each others work when we’re done uploading to ensure consistency.

The StoryMap and timeline are doing well in terms of being ready to display on our site and we are looking to begin working on the details of our site next week including picking themes and creating more pages for our content.assign people to check work of others after we’re done. We plan to meet next Tuesday on Zoom to discuss the details of our website and the progress we are making or challenges we are facing. Until then, our assignment is to keep making progress on uploading scans.

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