Group Update 4/14

Our group is making lots of progress on our website! This afternoon our group met to discuss the progress of the site. Almost all members are done uploading their portion of the collection. The collection should be completely uploaded by the end of this week. We began working on the details of the site today. For one, we picked a theme that we liked the details and features of for the purposes of our site. Anna is going to work on installing that on our site. We also added some pages that we want our other content to go on (Storymap and Timeline) and as each member finishes up on their assigned documents to upload, they are to begin working on these pages as well as the about page and the home page. The goal is to have the website looking more finished by Thursday that way we can use the weekend to polish it so it is ready to turn in by Tuesday. In terms of accessibility, we talked about it briefly today but have further questions on the details of this for Dr. McClurken during our meeting on Thursday. We are overall happy about the progress we are making on our project and are getting excited to share the final result.

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