Group Update 3/24

Here is the Civil War Letters group update!

As far as remote group work goes, we plan to have zoom meetings at least once a week but so far it has been two times a week as we have made this transition to online and are working to keep the progress of our project going. We are continuing to keep all other communication through Slack or email if we have needed to reach people outside of this class.

Our project is still coming along, though we have had to make some changes to our project. Unfortunately, before school was closed for the rest of the semester, we were not able to complete all of the scanning we needed to do for this project. We ended up scanning 193 of 274 letters which ended up being around 775 individual scans. We’re glad we were able to get that much done but that definitely effects how we are to continue with our project.

Angie Kemp who has been working with us in the Digital Archiving Lab has sent us the jpeg files of the scans that we did get done, as we kept them secure on a hard drive in the lab. The plan right now is to move forward with the scans that we have and begin working on the design and content of our website. We met with Angie last week and she gave us an in depth tutorial on how we would be working with Omeka in terms of our project.

Our exact plan this week is for each member of our group to upload one letter to the site to get practice. On Thursday our group is planning to meet after our class meeting, during which we will lay out the exact guidelines on the metadata and other design features of the website that we need to include in order to coordinate consistency on our project. We have broken up the letters that we have into even sections so that once this is finalized we can begin on the chunk of work we were given. Depending on how long uploading takes, we would like to have all the content uploaded within the next few weeks. After the letters are uploaded we will extensively be working on the features and details of our site.

We are a bit uncertain about how many letters we are going to end up completely uploading because we did not finish our scanning. We are not sure if we will have the time/be able to upload the unknown/miscellaneous letters because we did not get to scanning them at all. This is something we will eventually discuss with the people helping us with this project.

Some other features that we have been working on are a timeline and a Storymap. Both are almost done; the timeline needs more citations and the Storymap time period is being finalized. We are not planning on uploading these until the letters are uploaded because we need to link letters to these features when the collections portion is done.


  1. jmcclurken

    Good update.

    Point of clarification in terms of the letters: don’t you have JPEGs for all of the letters, even those you hadn’t scanned as TIFFs yet? [I thought the NPS had scanned them as JPEGs, but not as TIFFs.]

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