CW Letters Final Reflection

First of all, here is our group’s final reflection and walk through of our project. In this video we talk introduce and go into detail about the process we took in making this project. We also discussed our thoughts on the process along the way.

Overall, I think we produced a product that was on par with the contract that we originally created/altered when school was closed. Though there are multiple and various changes and edits that our group will still be making to our site over this next month, we are overall satisfied with the work we were able to produce. We created an archive and an educational resource that us both usable and presented nicely. We completed the project along the updated timeline that we had created, which was one of the biggest concerns for me. We were able to scan a bulk of the collection for the National Park Service and in some way (etiher from our collection or from NPS’) represented all 274 letters from the collection on our digital platform. Our timeline and storymap were both useful and important pieces that we wanted to include in this project and they turned out the way that we had hoped. We do need to work on embedding these into the website, which is probably one of the biggest problems we have on our completed website. I also think that we need to work on the content of our homepage. I personally wanted to keep the web page simple and not too busy, because I wanted the site to be easy to navigate and easy to focus on one thing at a time. But I do agree that there needs to be more content and information about Jerome Peirce like we originally suggested in our contract. The last thing that we really need to think about adding to our website are the accessibility features that we mentioned in our contract.

None of us have ever done a project like this before so we each learned a lot of valuable information and useful skills through the course of this class. The physical skills of working with a collection and learning to digitize them, as well as the online skills of working with a site that we never have before (Omeka). I would say we even learned a lot about collaboration in a digital space as we made the transition to online learning. Our group definitely put a lot of hard work into this project and I am proud of what we created.

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