Civil War Letters Update

So far on our project we have created our contract for how we want our project to go this semester. We have tried to put some appropriate deadlines on ourselves in terms of scanning the letters and finishing the features on the website that at this point we know we want. I like the idea of leaving room for other features to be created. I think I’m more of a visual person and I’m also someone who is good at organizing things, so I think that once I can see the website existing I will better be able to organize my thoughts an ideas on the features that would enhance this site.

We are chugging away at scanning the letters. We have scanning time slots on both Monday afternoons and Thursday afternoons. We are around 50 letters in which equates to 160 total scans. I actually enjoy scanning. It takes a long time and I usually can only get through about 4-5 letters done in an hour or 2 but the experience of scanning and organization is very relaxing to me. I look forward to the experience and seeing what small challenges I will encounter which is good, I’m glad I do not dread this experience.

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