Changes for Historians in a Digital World

Because the world is in a constant state of digital change in advancement, so is the field of Digital History. Digital history has often been characterized by historians as being a field with much potential for growth and advancement. In the “Perpetual Future Tense” article and the “Public History” article, these historians talk about how the field of digital history was first really aimed at students and teachers. Education is where students begin changing the field and historians try things out on students. Also, the association of digital history in coordination with public history has significantly advanced the field since the start of the digital movement within history though it is not solely focused on the field of public history today.

Some of the most important changes and issue that historians have to be aware of are keeping up with the constant changes and additions in technology and historical resources. The digital age moves fast and keeping up with these changes can be difficult but important. Digital content also can be good for accessibility because it can provide content to wider audiences but, finding clarity of where all these source came from can be an issue with digital history.

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