Zooming Through the Semester

After multiple Zoom meetings this morning, the progress of this class and our project continues and seems more clear. First we met with Angie Kemp today and got a more in depth tutorial in how to work with Omeka. This was extremely helpful to me and making our website seems a bit easier with this … [Read more…]

Moving Classes Online Update

Though this is a digital oriented class, as we moved forward with this semester online, this has brought interesting challenges to working on our project. Our main issue thus far is that we will not be able to finish the scanning of the letter collection. We had around 80 or so scans left which is … [Read more…]

Week 6: Wikipedia and Copyright

To gain a better understanding of Creative Commons Licensing in action and how individuals use and work on open access content I took a look at the Wikipedia pages on the American Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. The edits that I noticed on these pages included grammatical changes and phrasing changes as well as citation … [Read more…]

Week 5 Update

Today in class one of my group mates said “I don’t know what I don’t know” and I really think that sums up how I feel about this project sometimes. Creating our group contract has made the structure of our project a little more clear but I think sometimes it’s hard for me to do … [Read more…]

Civil War Letters Update

So far on our project we have created our contract for how we want our project to go this semester. We have tried to put some appropriate deadlines on ourselves in terms of scanning the letters and finishing the features on the website that at this point we know we want. I like the idea … [Read more…]

Review of Digital Archives

Hurricane Digital Memory Bank: I did not really understand the layout that I was supposed to follow. The organization of the archive seemed unclear to me and the contributors to this archive. The September 11 Digital Archive: This archive seemed a little more clear to me. I liked that the front page had sections for … [Read more…]