CW Letters Final Reflection

First of all, here is our group’s final reflection and walk through of our project. In this video we talk introduce and go into detail about the process we took in making this project. We also discussed our thoughts on the process along the way. Overall, I think we produced a product that was on … [Read more…]

Our (Almost) Finish Product

The Civil War Letters group finalized the first draft of our website that we created earlier this week. You can take a look at the work we have created at our link here. We are excited for people to begin to view and use our website that we have put many hours into this semester!

Almost done!

Not much to say this week other than we are almost done! Our group will be finishing up our project this weekend and making it look more complete. We are working on the pages and exhibits because our collections and items are done. We’re getting ready to share all of our work!

Group Update 4/14

Our group is making lots of progress on our website! This afternoon our group met to discuss the progress of the site. Almost all members are done uploading their portion of the collection. The collection should be completely uploaded by the end of this week. We began working on the details of the site today. … [Read more…]


This week has been pretty much entirely focused on uploading the content to our website. We split the letters evenly among us which leaves us each with around 68 letters to do. Every couple of days I tried to set aside some time to work on this because it definitely is time consuming. Today alone … [Read more…]

My Digital Portfolio

My Digital Portfolio can be found at, which is this website that houses the blog for this class. This website provides a professional collection of digital work that I have produced or shared online. The work I have done is presented in a manner that I would share with employers. The content is up … [Read more…]

Group Update 4/2/2020

Since our last update we have begun to upload the letter collection to our website. Last week, our group finalized a list of instructions on the exact details on how to upload the letters. We got feedback from Dr. McClurken as well as Angie Kemp and now have clear details on how to keep our … [Read more…]

Changes for Historians in a Digital World

Because the world is in a constant state of digital change in advancement, so is the field of Digital History. Digital history has often been characterized by historians as being a field with much potential for growth and advancement. In the “Perpetual Future Tense” article and the “Public History” article, these historians talk about how … [Read more…]

Group Update 3/24

Here is the Civil War Letters group update! As far as remote group work goes, we plan to have zoom meetings at least once a week but so far it has been two times a week as we have made this transition to online and are working to keep the progress of our project going. … [Read more…]